Battle of Bottles


Who doesn’t love an expertly crafted cocktail? We are so lucky to be living in a city that has a huge number of spots to sip on some creative and delicious cocktails. Mixologists have gotten so creative with the kinds of ingredients they put in cocktails lately. That’s why I’m so excited for the Battle of the Bottles cocktail competition.

Atlanta Convention & Visitors Bureau’s (ACVB) third annual cocktail contest, “Battle of the Bottles,” is under way again. A bevy of top Atlanta restaurant mixologists compete for their creation to be crowned the best cocktail in Atlanta. Atlanta residents are encouraged to visit the participating restaurants, try the various cocktails and vote for their favorite signature sips. 

March 17 2014, Atlanta

New York International Olive Oil Conference

Oldways president, Sara Baer-Sinnott, will be speaking at the International Olive Oil Conference on Wednesday, April 15th in NYC. The event brings together olive oil producers, marketers, merchants and buyers, as well as culinary professionals and journalists from around the world. This group will share perspectives on the cultural context of olive oil and predictions for its future. The hope is that this diverse cross-section of opinions can help guide decisions that will affect the future of this important food. 

May 1 2014, Atlanta

Mediterranean Diet Month

This month-long promotional campaign, created in 2009 by Oldways and the Mediterranean Foods Alliance, generates awareness of the delicious foods and amazing health benefits associated with the Mediterranean Diet and its vibrant lifestyle through media, supermarkets, health professionals and social networking. Each year, more people discover the fabulous flavors and accessible, affordable foods that make up this remarkable way of eating.

Each year we find wonderful ways to celebrate and demonstrate that delicious and healthy Mediterranean-inspired meals can be enjoyed anywhere. 

April 13 2013, Atlanta